Regitration for Lacmont 2021 is open until May 13th

Interested in participating in the I International Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Research and Innovation in Mountain Environments can now register.

15 Mar2021

Registration for the 1st International Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Research and Innovation in Mountain Environments, to be held between May 11 and 13, in a fully online format, are now open. Interested parties can register for free until the date of the event, and those who have some experience to share can also forward their report until April 23. The event has as one of its main objectives the creation and effective structuring of a Network, and will include among its debate themes that, in one way or another, impact on the sustainable development of mountain environments.

The program, divided into three days in the morning period, involves round tables on the transdisciplinary research in mountainous territories, exploring opportunities and priorities for a network performance, strategies to structure research networks in these locations and also some experience reports selected by the Technical Committee of the event. At the time, a governance document and guidelines for Lacmont's operation should be formalized, with the commitments of the Network and its members.

About the event

Lacmont 2021 is a creation of Embrapa, through the Farmers Research and Training Center (NPTA), with the support and partnership of several Brazilian and international institutions: World Famous Mountains Association; Crescente Fértil Institute; Mountain Partnership, an entity linked to FAO; Foundation of Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Faperj); Innovation Ecosystem of Nova Friburgo (InovaFri); City Hall of Nova Friburgo; Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ); University of Georgia (USA); and Federal University of Ceará (UFC)




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