Lacmont will present experience reports

The intention is to stimulate the sharing of network activities that can solidify knowledge related to sustainable development in mountain environments. Registration until April 23!

12 Mar2021

The sharing of experiences related to activities developed in mountain environments is always profitable and inspiring. That is why Lacmont 2021, a 100% online and free event that will be held between May 11th and 13th, will make room for participants to share their experiences, especially those held in a network, in order to build and solidify knowledge that contributes to sustainable development in these locations. Those interested in participating must register for the event and then send a text of a maximum of 5,000 characters for the organizing committee’s evaluation. The deadline for submission ends on April 23th.

The reports can address experiences in the themes of agroecology, conservation and value aggregation to agrobiodiversity products, adaptation to climate change, rural tourism, forest conservation, soil and water, as well as territorial development, ecosystem services, public policies and adequate land use in rural and urban areas, among others related to mountains.

The text should be sent in Portuguese/English or Spanish/English, and follow a series of recommendations for suitability of the format. The Technical Committee will analyze the reports received considering adherence to the theme, relevance, originality, impact of the experience and text clarity. All approved reports will be included in the event annals and 10 will be selected for oral presentation during Lacmont 2021, on May 11 and 12. Check here guidelines for submission of experience reports.

About the event

Lacmont 2021 is a creation of Embrapa, through the Farmers Research and Training Center (NPTA), with the support and partnership of several Brazilian and international institutions: World Famous Mountains Association; Crescente Fértil Institute; Mountain Partnership, an entity linked to FAO; Foundation of Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Faperj); Innovation Ecosystem of Nova Friburgo (InovaFri); City Hall of Nova Friburgo; University of Georgia (USA); Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) and Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

With the event and the implementation of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Research and Innovation in Mountain Environments, Embrapa affirms its role in discussing the theme of mountains, both in the Brazilian context of scientific, technological and innovation development, and in the international scenario, taking its experience now to cover Latin America and the Caribbean.




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